Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine

By Justin Stabley Special to GetOut

The age old battle of man versus machine will be put to the test this fall. At the end of September, cyclists from all over the world will converge in northern Arizona to contest their grit against a Grand Canyon Railway steam train.

“It’s probably going to be a very close race,” said race judge Robert Krombeen, who originally proposed the idea for the race.

Over a hundred cyclists have already signed up for the event, and while some are just racing for the fun experience, many are intent on beating the train.

“It’s really a race for anyone,” said Mark Booth, who is in charge of the event alongside his associate, PJ Boorman.

In organizing the race, Booth and Boorman are working to make it a winning scenario for everyone involved, especially for the town of Williams.

“I fell in the love with the town and I always felt like it was just an undiscovered, untapped recreational mecca.” Booth said.

They hope to make the event and annual rivalry to bring much needed tourism to the small northern locale. Williams is not as economically well as the larger cities in Arizona. Booth pointed out that living there year-round can be a challenge.

Profits from this unique race will go to the Williams High School Bike Team and to a scholarship to a chosen senior currently in the program.



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